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The Philippine Orthopedic Center is a government medical facility under the Department of Health which is tasked to provide health care delivery to patients with musculoskeletal disorder and related conditions. It was designed to serve as a center for trauma and orthopaedics in the country.


By 2023, the Philippine Orthopedic Center will be the premier center of excellence in providing accessible apex services in orthopedic and rehabilitative care to the Filipino and the international community.



We provide the best orthopedic and rehabilitative care utilizing accessible service, comprehensive training and relevant research that responds to the needs of all Filipinos and the international community.



Integrity. We are committed to serve with honesty.

Excellence. We provide the highest quality medical care, training and education.

Compassion. We empathize with our patients at all ti1mes.

Commitment.We deliberately engage/entrust ourselves to the organization.

Accountability. We accept responsibility for our actions.